Our Story

We are passionate about shopping not just local, but shopping unique. Whether it’s a family bakery with a warm, fresh loaf always made by hand, a cozy used bookshop with books stacked to the ceiling, or a vintage toy store with action figures older than you are, we help you find the one-of-a-kind experience you’re looking for.

With the digitalization of the market place, we have the mission to drive demand back to small businesses.

We believe in the idea of values-based shopping. Just input the values that are important to you—from being family owned, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, to finding adventure or somewhere cozy—and we will match you with a local shop that best fits your values. Either enter what type of shop you’re looking for, or, if you don’t know, that’s okay too. We’ll surprise you.

In the end, it’s about finding and connecting with your community. Anyone can walk into the nearest big retailer and pick up a shirt, but it’s about the story behind the shirt. It’s about connecting with the shopkeeper smiling behind the counter, about conversation and knowing they value the same things you do.